CEO’s Greetings/Message from CEO

당사에 보내주신 고객님들의 지속적인 성원에 보답하고자 끊임없이 정진하는 기업이 되도록하겠습니다. 대표이사 김원남

Prepared a high-technology about equipment, materials and components, TOP Central R&D Center develops high valued products to lead the market.

As a core subsidiary of TOP Engineering Group, TOP Central R&D Center takes a key role to conduct main researches and manage the entire basic researches under TOP Engineering Group's process. Based on technical know-how, we provide appropriate converging technologies for customers.

TOP Central R&D Center gives a promise to respond quickly to a global market change and remain in its current position through securing steady recruiting activity and state-of-the-art equipment.
Together with our customers, suppliers and researchers, we are working on concepts and solutions for better tomorrow.